With the support of AIPD, out district is developing PPID Technical Implementing Units (UPT) in health and education. Experience to date reaffirms that such facilities at schools and community health centres enable community members to have quick, reliable access to information – in particular the most frequently sought on School Operational Assistance (BOS) grants; Assistance for Poor Students (BSM); and Birth Insurance.
H. Ahkmad Saikhu, Head of West Lombok District’s Transportation, Communication and Informatics Office
Previously, I didn’t even know who built the village health post, how much it cost or whether the quality of the materials were up to standard or not. But now, since the government has become transparent, we are able to oversee the implementation of government programs
Mu’tiah, Jagaraga Village citizen
Public schools require birth certificates to register new students and many children in this village did not have birth certificates. Our children did not have birth certificates because we didn’t know (the procedures to apply for the birth certificates). Because we did not know, some people (who knew the procedures) asked for Rp. 500-700 thousand to help us apply. But now, as government becomes transparent, we do not need to pay unnecessary expensive costs anymore because we now understand the procedures. We will not pay any expenses because the application procedures are free
Aminah, Jaraga Village Citizen
With the establishment of the information management and documentation officers, citizens now know to whom they can request the public information. As these officers have responded positively, citizens have become confident in using the information disclosure mechanism. Over time, trust between citizens and service providers has developed. When trust has been built, the quality of public services improves
Hendriadi, NGO activist in West Nusa Tenggara
The citizen charter signed by Dr. Soedono Hospital is a means of proving our commitment to improving the quality of public services. We plan to improve our information system in general, especially the information system in the pharmacy. We believe that the computerisation of the information system will reduce waiting time significantly. At the same time, it will also improve our database recording system
Dr. Sasongko, Sp. A, The Director of Dr. Soedono Hospital
We are happy because our village, Yaugapsa, was chosen as the best village in Papua Province, and it’s even recognized by the Central Government. This success is the result of the AIPD Landasan support that has helped us to set up programs based on village data. Our village data is now comprehensive
Saul Kosaya, Yaugapsa Village citizen
I’m impressed with the hospitality of the Papuan people, especially in Nendali Sentani Village that has helped us to make the AIPD Landasan Program successful. I hope that the Landasan Program in Jayapura District will continue to have the full support and involvement of the local government and the program beneficiaries
HE Greg Moriarty, Former Australian Ambassador to Indonesia